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Priestess Flower Essence

Price: $15.00

These lovely Flower Essence drops of emotional and mental balance are lovingly made by infusing flower blossoms in water, steeping them in the sun, straining and preserving the energetic memory with brandy. Each flower or location has an energetic or vibrational pattern to support you. The standard dose is 4 drops, 4 times per day.  One bottle lasts one month.

Priestess: Spiritual Leadership 
includes *Claret Cup Cactus *Larkspur *Morning Glory *Sacred Datura *Spanish Broom Flower Essences.  Priestess Essence is for standing in Divine Light, awakening to the Sacred present internally and in others. It helps us develop our spiritual leadership skills.  It provides focus, attention and connection to the Spirit Within.

A suggested dose is 4 drops by mouth, 4 times daily.  For those with an alcohol sensitivity simply dilute the drops in a glass of water. 

All Flower Essences are made by infusing flowers in water.   Energetic Essences are made in the full moon of a powerful energetic location.  Each Flower Essence is made in a base of 80% water and 20% brandy which is used as a preservative.