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Electric Incense Heater -- Golden Lotus

Price: $63.00

We are very pleased to be able to offer this beautiful, reliable and easy to use Electric Heater. Unlike charcoal for burning resins like copal and the Jade Oracle incense, you have control over the level of heat and therefore you will receive the greatest benefi of scent and subtle aroma with very little smoke. This electric heater gently warms the resin and release its scent.

Price Includes:

Ceramic Heater with 4 inch diameter ceramic censer, lid, metal dish, and base, implements (spoon and pinchers), Foil cup samples, Incense samples, Satin lined Gift Box.

110V-120V,  5W-25W,  2 Prong US Plug,  Guaranteed for 1 Year.

See a video on its use here: