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Mary a Life in Verse by Patricia Monaghan

Price: $18.00
Mary: A Life in Verse by poet, artist and scholar Patricia Monaghan is filled with the poetic genius about Mary and her powerful role in Paticia's life and in our life today.  Patricia Monaghan passed away on November 11, 2012. She was a Pushcart Prize awarded poet, scholar, spiritual leader, and activist. A professor of inter-disciplinary studies at DePaul University, Patricia had over twenty books published. She was concerned about the lack of spirituality in our society and addressed that in co- founding the Black Earth Institute composed of artists and scholars to direct art in the causes of spirituality, the environment and social justice ( Again to address this issue, this time in relation to academia, she co-founded the Association for the Study of Woman and Mythology to recognize and promote well researched work in the field and to mentor young scholars. Patricia finished MARY: A LIFE IN VERSE (Dos Madres Press, 2014) shortly before she died.