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Price: Ollin


Movement        Movimiento  

Ollin is movement, motion—the primal energy at the base of all life. It is the navel of the universe, because without motion there is no creation. It represents life and regeneration, the continuation of life. In the glyph for ollin, the opposing elements of warm (celestial) and cool (underworld) air currents create perpetual motion. The four directions (cuatro rumbos) are often represented by four trees, each channeling energy from below to above and above to below, influencing the energies of living beings on earth. In this divine space, all possibilities exist.


On the card, ollin is at the center of the four directions. When you draw ollin, you are “in the flow,” you have let go of things that keep you from moving, from growing. This card is a reminder to allow yourself to remain in the flow and avoid “getting stuck.” Remember, in this space, all possibilities exist.