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Heart of the Sun Audio Book 4 CD Set

Price: $35.00

 Listen to the voices of authors and professional readers bring the words alive! This anthology is an intriguing glimpse of Sekhmet’s many guises as seen through the unique perspectives of her modern-day devotees. Through the writers’ personal experiences shared here, a distinct picture of Sekhmet is revealed to each reader. In a day and age when Her strength, power, and healing are needed most, this book offers

multiple ways of understanding and connecting to Her.

“… a faithful tribute to Sekhmet, Egyptian goddess of 10,000 names. It is an invocation and guide for anyone in search of the feminine divine.”
Ana Castillo, author of Goddess of the Americas/La Diosa de las Américas and The Guardians.

“A feast! For those who love Sekhmet…this book is invaluable.”
Michael York, author of Pagan Theology: Paganism as a World Religion.

“Anyone who loves Sekhmet will want to have this book on her shelf.”
Barbara Ardinger, Ph.D. author of Pagan Every Day, Finding New Goddesses, and Goddess Meditations.