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Spatial Archetypes: The Hidden Patterns of Psyche and Civilization

Price: $25.00
A sweeping view of the psychologies of cultures from the Sensitive Chaos of hunter-gatherers, to the Great Round of Neolithic villagers, to the Four Quarters of Bronze Age warrior chieftains, to the Pyramid of theocratic nation states, to the Radiant Axes of empires, to the Grid of commercial societies, to the Dissolution of collapse.  In this book Mimi Lobell shares her work on Archetypes. 

Archetypes are buried so deeply in the collective unconscious they cannot be know directly but they shape our ideas and our forms of expression--art, architecture, music, literature, relationships, social structures, cosmologies, world views.  Archetypes help us understand not only the world's cultures, but also our innermost selves.