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To Know: A Guide to Women's Magic and Spirituality - (PDF version)

Price: $7.50

"A wonderful, broad-based and illuminating treatment of women's spirituality."
Margot Adler,  Drawing Down the Moon

"Jade presents the women's community with a gift: a clear and thorough guide to the new paths and practices of women's spirituality"
Amber K Beginning True Magick

The who, what, where... and why of Women's Magic and Spirituality— beautifully explained by Jade, a visionary, organizer, catalyst, teacher and Witch who has been in the forefront of the Women's Spirituality Movement since 1975.
- How Women's Spirituality grew out of the Feminist movement
- What Women Witches believe
- The similarities and differences between Women's Spirituality and neo-Paganism
- How to find other Spiritual Women, networks and organizations
- What to expect in a typical Women's ritual
- The role of divination in Women's Spirituality
- The role of healing and wellness in Women's Witchcraft
- How to find the publications, workshops, retreats, local community discussion and ritual groups which support and practice Women's Spirituality.
Whether your journey into Womanspirit is just beginning or you have been following the Path for many years you'll find To Know a valuable resource filled with insightful answers and information.

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