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Price: Malinalxochitl


Flower of the Grass     Flor de malinalli  

Malinalxochitl, a powerful priestess, was one of the leaders of the Aztec migration from Aztlán. She possibly represented the maternal lineage of a calpulli, a group of extended families. Her story could reflect the struggle against the matrilineal lineage’s power and a conflict between the spiritual leaders of the nomads and the military leaders of the agricultural society. Malinalxochitl was a nahualli, a designated class of sorceresses, or wise women, known for their ability to transform into animal form, such as a jaguar, serpent, owl, or bat. Nahuallis were considered to be trusted advisers and repositories of great wisdom.


Malinalxochitl is often referred to as the sister of Huitzilopochtli; however, she might have been a leader from a separate calpulli. During the migration from Aztlán, she wanted to settle in Malinalco. Huitzilopochtli wanted to keep moving south, but Malinalxochitl was insistent on staying in Malinalco. One evening he abandoned her while she was sleeping, taking his followers on to found Tenochtitlan. She stayed in Malinalco, which became a very important spiritual site for the Aztecs. Malinalxochitl is the one who leads and confronts the patriarchy. She is the priestess—and the sorceress—who represents the magic and strength of the feminine spirit. She is the heart of the people, leading ceremony and connecting with the energy of the land. There are no images of her, so this card combines many symbols associated with her.


When Malinalxochitl appears, she reminds you that you are a priestess, a spiritual leader, and that your work is important. Your presence, your work, your role as a leader is vital. Follow your deepest guide, your feminine wisdom.