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Vibrant Voices: Women, Myth, and the Arts

Price: $36.95

Vibrant Voices presents the work of contemporary scholars and artists whose visions advance our understanding from a diversity of cultures and folk traditions.  It includes tributes to two artist-scholar foremothers, Lydia Ruyle and Mary B. Kelly, and also offers a gallery of work by artists who have appeared in past programs.

The works in this volume attest to this new positive vision inspired by the sacred feminine divine which nourishes, clothes and encourages us as opposed to stripping us of our rights, our power and our beauty as stewards of the Earth in all Her majesty and beauty.  This amazing small gem of an anthology – full of wisdom and new ways of seeing and inspiration – is a welcome addition to our growing Goddess library that serves to nourish and inspire us and beckons us toward a new world filled with hope and light. --
Cristina Biaggi

These essays add to our sensual experiences as well as to our ever-expanding knowledge base. The invitational qualities and broad diversity of origin and expression of the selections in this volume are balanced by histories of the colonization that the foremothers and preservers of indigenous religions and community have had to endure. ----Foreword, Judy Grahn

The production of art in new, 21st century forms is alive and well, and it rests on a foundation of earlier artwork that extends back to the Paleolithic era. These new art forms have arisen from a diversity of historic and contemporary cultures, just as the old art forms did. It is important that this work be seen in the context of the long past of women’s artistic and material endeavors and that women artists be seen not as muses or inspirers of men but as complex inventors, thinkers and cultural creatives who are part of a tradition that extends back to the dawn of human consciousness. -- Arisika Razak